A&F Interiors is a design studio renowned for designing classic contemporary spaces inspired by lifestyle living.

At AURA & FORM Interiors, our team are qualified design professionals that work alongside architects, builders, and clients to deliver carefully crafted interior spaces connecting clients emotionally (aura) and maintaining functionality (form) to perform everyday living. We are solution-orientated delivering exceptional outcomes for our clients with organization, efficiency, and attention to detail.

When your home needs a renovation, soft furnishings or presenting for sale, AURA & FORM Interiors are experts in delivering innovative luxury interiors, on brief and on budget.


As qualified interior designers with more than 20 years in the industry, we design to achieve the balance of form & function, delivering crafted considered spaces for lifestyle living.

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Modern luxury living – we custom our signature style to suit you. Our meticulous attention to detail delivers function and timeless elegance.


Real Estate Marketing

Rejecting traditional staging methods, we are qualified interior designers that provide visual differentiation to get the maximum investment return for our clients.


Our clients want their homes to be unique, modern luxury style that reflects their lifestyle.


We are proud to be launching our



Coming soon…


Furniture Range

Our new luxury custom furniture & soft furnishing collection will create unique, versatile and investment pieces to enhance any home.




Director/Interior Designer


Director Operations & Logistics


Interior Designer


With 15 years working with high-end residential clients, Susan has the reputation, credentials, and expertise to know what the clients want and what their home demands.

We work closely with our clients to ensure all details are considered, resolved and delivered on brief, on time, on budget from beginning to end exceeding client expectations.

Aura & Form Interiors is founded on our clients and the privilege it is to create their new lifestyle. 

With 35 years specialising in Project Management, Operational Management & Logistics across industries.

Being systems and process-driven, Tony gives Aura & Form Interiors the edge in service delivery.

Using Project Management expertise, Tony is instrumental in driving A&F systems and processors to deliver efficient and timely outcomes ensuring a superior client experience. 

Georgia is the newest member of the Aura & Form team.

Studying for her Bachelor of Interior Design at RMIT but also working in the design industry has equipped Georgia with both designing and drafting skills.

Her enthusiasm for design shows in her work, taking on a fresh approach through contemporary use of materials, styles and palettes.



Justin Long - Marshall White Stonnington VIC

'...thanks to you and your team at AURA & FORM on behalf Marshall White & Co...I've always been a believer that presentation is critical when selling a home and that you only get one shot at creating a first impression. Based on that, I am absolutely convinced that the efforts invested by A&F were critical and central to the outcome...'


Carrie - Brighton, VIC

'After interviewing 6 stylists I chose Aura & Form, as they were by far the friendliest and were willing to listen to what I wanted instead of telling me what I should have.  

They did a sensational job of styling my home.'


We had around 150 groups through and almost without exception, everyone commented on how well the home was styled.

I truly believe the styling played a large part in the fantastic price we got at auction.​​

Libby - Richmond, VIC

'I have just walked in the door and I can not believe it, it just looks amazing. It makes me not want to sell; I just want to keep all your things, it is incredible, it just looks fantastic, I am so wrapped!'

Thanasi - Caulfield South, VIC

'The styling was a hit, we were so pleased with the service and your insistence on getting it right, thank you!!’​​

Ian - Box Hill, VIC

'Thank you for the excellent professional styling of our unit last month in Box Hill, which has just sold at auction for what we believe was a 'record' price for the street!

The styling process was simple, smooth and professionally handled at all times.

Your choice and arrangement of furnishings was most favorably commented on by our family and many who visited pre-auction and it allowed the buyers to see how 'large' it really was

(to the point where the agents thought it could sell as a small home as much as a unit).'

John & Christine - Brighton East, VIC

'It was such a pleasure working with you to transform our home! The style perfectly complements our family and the way we live...we just can't believe it was the same house! All our friends and family love coming over now, help us for the rest of the house please!'

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