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We are a Melbourne based interior design studio. We are committed to creating beautiful, well resolved spaces that have an emotional connection with bold forms that ignite synergy through layering.


Our design philosophy is built on the constant of one, architecture, interior design and furnishings to deliver well considered, harmonious spaces that flow and present personal moments of gratitude and pleasure. 

We are passionate in interpreting and understanding our clients’ current lifestyles and the way they want to live. Our design processes solve problems and find better ways to live, work and connect.

We bring to each project more than 20 years’ experience in curating materials, furniture, art and objects along with spatial planning, construction knowledge and design thinking expertise. We are collaborative to build and craft our interiors and bring our projects to life.

With an already diverse project base, we work with clients on high end luxury residential new homes, renovations and multi-unit developments.


We bring to each project more than 20 years’ experience in curating materials, furniture, art and objects as well as space planning, construction knowledge and design thinking expertise. We are collaborative. We draw upon a vast network of local contacts to build and craft our interiors and bring our projects to life.

Introductory Discussion

You have reached out to us because you have a problem that needs solving. 

This initial conversation is to discuss your problem, your brief and your budget in broad terms. We will introduce our people, our services and our processes.



01.  __________________________________________________________________

Engagement, Brief & Discovery

Once we are engaged on your project, we conduct a thorough briefing.

You will be sent a questionnaire that will provide us with a more detailed brief and we will arrange a meeting with our design team where we establish your vision.


0.2  __________________________________________________________________

Site Measure

We do a site visit to familiarise ourselves with the existing conditions and take detailed measurements. We also document and photograph the property in the case of a renovation. Any drawings produced will be a scaled floor plan in CAD format.

It is at this stage we do a deep dive into your brief as we may identify alternate options/solutions during this visit.

03.  __________________________________________________________________

Concept Design

We proceed to preparation of a concept package that focuses on the design direction of the project.

The proposal includes spatial planning to determine optimum scale, flow and function of the spaces. We include images, material selections and other relevant imagery to help visually describe the design.

We can also meet with other professionals on the project, such as architects or the builder, to ensure a cohesive connection between the interior and architecture.


04.  __________________________________________________________________

Design Development

Once the concept design has been approved, we develop schedules on all finishes, fixtures and fittings, as well as develop elevation drawings of joinery items.

At critical points during this process, client meetings are held to receive approval as the development progresses.

05.  __________________________________________________________________

Construction Documentation

A full set of documentation is developed for construction purposes.

The finishes, fixtures and fittings schedules are all finalised and issued with the construction drawing package. This comprehensive package is required for the builders to accurately tender on the project.


06.  __________________________________________________________________

Construction Administration

During the tendering stage, we will be available to provide support to ensure the price and proposed design outcome meets the expectations of all parties.

We are available to answer any design queries that arise relating to the interior during the project construction stage.

We take part in site meetings and oversee the execution of construction of interior details and joinery to ensure quality control. We carry out supplier site visits and coordinate orders that have been made on the client’s behalf.

07.  __________________________________________________________________

Furniture Selection & Curation

This curatorial phase is where finishes, fabrics, lighting, rugs and furniture are meticulously selected. We provide layouts and a list of items to complete and complement the space along with a furniture schedule. We may even design custom furniture and liaise with our network of suppliers and manufacturers to execute the project. We obtain quotes, manage orders and coordinate deliveries.

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